Red Bull Music Festival İstanbul

Alpha Beat Night will be at Feriye on Thursday, October 3rd. In addition to Ata Kak, Ammar 808 and Undomondo will give music lovers a night full of modern African tunes.

Demdike Stare will share the stage with Michael England on the night of Aposentez, held at the Naval Museum on Friday, October 4. On the evening of October 5, at the Blood Brothers Night; Punishment, one of the milestones of Turkish rap, will excite both Kartel and Nightmare Kerim hip hop lovers. On the evening of Friday, October 11, imi Ballroom Night Moda related to the collaboration of Moda Stage; Names like Linn da Quebrada and Lyzza will color the night. Futurave Night, which is the concept night of the festival’s son, will be on stage at Volkswagen Arena, Laurel Halo, Kode9 and Function on Saturday, October 12th.