December Festivals

Uludağ Festival
Uludag, Turkey’s first winter music festival electronic music festival, the festival of new fiction and more than 30 DJ 6-8 December, festival goers ready to heat in the cold climate of Uludag…
In this fascinating atmosphere where thousands of electronic music lovers will meet in the impressive atmosphere and the most beautiful hotels of Uludağ, every moment will be filled with fun activities and the music will continue for 44 hours in 3 different stages; To make your stay in one of the limited number of rooms available for an unforgettable winter holiday!

Anadolu Rock Fest
Necati and Saykolar, Companions and Epic, December 7.
Within the scope of Anadolu Rock Fest in Istanbul Beirut Performance Stage…

Art Basel Miami
Art Basel exhibits high quality art shows of modern and contemporary art. held annually in Basel, Miami and Hong Kong.
Each event is attended by galleries, exhibition sectors and artworks in parallel programming of the host city in collaboration with local institutions. Providing a platform for galleries, Art Basel provides collectors, museum managers and curators access to an international audience. As a cultural event in Art Basel, contemporary and modern art shows are highly appreciated.

Hogmanay Celebration
Forget to sit in front of the TV and watch the New Year celebrations. The best New Year party is at Edinburgh Hogmanay.
According to traditions, from 31 December to 1 January, many Scotsmen clean their homes and organize their accounts for new beginnings. When night falls, the Hogmanay celebrations are on all Scottish rings; fireworks, parades and shows continue at full speed. An ancient pagan celebration to fend off winter spirits with fire and song, Hogmanay was developed over time with passageways, open houses, fireworks and various added events.

La Fugarena Festival
Nassau’s Junkanoo parade at night parties; color, music, passion and cultural talents rival all carnivals in the world.
Rhythmic goombay drums, melodic horns and kaleidoscope of moving colors: This is the Bahamian national pride Junkanoo. As a major cultural festival in the Bahamas, Junkanoo is a great celebration of life and freedom. It takes place early in the year between two crossings down the Bay Street in downtown Nassau. Boxing Day starts on 26 December and the main event takes place on 1 January on the first day of the New Year.

Krampusnacht Festival
The lyric song begins as “Santa Claus is coming to town ve and continues with“ Is there anyone who has a pot-belly, pink cheeks and cannot say no to cookies and who is afraid of a cheerful grandfather?
Nothing can welcome the holiday season like Krampusnacht, thousands of contestants dressed as furry demons kidnapping children enter the jogging race on the Alpine slopes. Krampus is a legendary character with horns who punish mischievous children during the Christmas season in Alpine culture. Krampusnacht Festival It is celebrated on the eve of St. Nicholas’ Day, and during the holiday season celebration is filled with streets, people dressed as Capering demons and demons. You can also find a range of gingerbread drinks and hot wine at this exciting party. Crampus celebrations developed in a town parade and spread all over Austria.

Don’t you want to join in the costume of Santa Claus among the thousands of people in Santa Claus clothes that set the holiday spirit in motion? Imagine that in cities around the world, Santas in all shopping centers come out of the bar at the same time.
This is SantaCon. SantaCon means mass gathering and bars filled with people in Santa costumes. On the other hand, it is the show of other Christmas characters in various cities around the world. The name SantaCon is also known as Santarchy, Santa Rampage, Red Menace and Santapalooza.

Sunburn Festival
It is known as the Electronic Dance Music Festival which takes place in many different places of the world.
It is held in Goa, India on December 28-31, between Christmas and New Year. Sunburn Festival in Goa; It is celebrated as a combination of music, food, shopping and entertainment. The organizer of the festival in Goa; Percept is an entertainment, media and communications company. Famous names and leading DJs from around the world also participate in the festival.