A First From Kenan Doğulu

360 concert preparation with giant production

Kenan Doğulu brings together technology and music with his 360 performances in the first Istanbul concert of 2019.

Prepared for a concert with a production team of 180 people Doğulu, will perform the most extraordinary concert of 25 years of music life.

Kenan Doğulu fans show great interest in the concert with great fun, a special repertoire that will invite you to dance to the fans.

With a 360-degree concert by Pozýtıf, Kerki and Solfej, Kenan Doğulu will experience the 360-degree stage experience on the giant stage to be installed on the Volkswagen Arena on Saturday, March 2nd. The artist, who will perform in a hexagonal stage to be established, will include his listeners in the flow of the concert. Orchestra and dancers will be accompanied by 14 people on the stage.