Dolmabahce Palace

As one of the most magnificent palaces of Istanbul’s Bosphorus shore palaces, Dolmabahce Palace also transferred the political, economic, cultural and social aspects of the era that it was used to the present day.

Upon the orders of Sultan Abdülmecid, they started building the palace in 1843 and it was opened in 1856. There are 285 rooms, 43 living rooms, 82 corridors, 64 halls, 62 bathrooms, 6 bathhouses, 9 private baths, three kitchens, 5 cellars, 7 furnaces, 5 laundry rooms and 16 teahouses inside the palace. Each corridor, each room, each living room displays another historical event, and reminds people not only of the Ottoman period, in which it was built but also its rich embellishments, and the magnificent decoration, demonstrates the periods of the Ottoman Empire as the “World State” and almost voices the longing for those eras. Until 1924, it was the residential palace for 6 sultans and the last caliphate and was the last place Mustafa Kemâl Atatürk lived before he died. The palace continues to serve as a museum taking domestic and foreign visitors on a historical journey.

When is the Dolmabahce Palace open?

The Dolmabahce Palace opening hours are Tuesday-Wednesday and Friday-Sunday between 9am-4pm. The Dolmabahce ticket price is 40 Turkish Lira and in order to fully understand the Dolmabahce Palace history, it is required to take a tour.

Writer: Bülent Arı