Festivals of October

29. Akbank Jazz Festıval

Turkey’s Akbank Jazz Festival, one of the longest running festivals with different colors of the city of jazz history from 17 to 27 October this year, will bring together 29 times.

Akbank Jazz Festival, which brings together the prestigious names of jazz world with music lovers every year, is preparing to host special performances in its 29th year. Organization and content programming Akbank Jazz Festival, which is one of the most prestigious jazz festivals in Europe, which is organized in cooperation with positive, makes a special place for ECM Records which is one of the most prestigious record companies of jazz world this fall.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019 and presenting more than 1600 albums to music lovers since 1969, ECM will meet with jazz lovers from Istanbul with a selection of musicians from different generations.

Internatıonal Bosphorus Film Festival

It is organized by the International Bosphorus Cinema Association (UBSD) between 18 October and 25 October.

International Bosphorus Film Festival; Turkey and ethics in the world, to contribute to the aesthetic and technical integrity with films in development, young producers and material and moral supports the creation of the production of new films of directors aims in the country of cinema in the country and the introduction abroad.

Istanbul Comedy Festival

BKM hosts the best and newest names of humor at the national and international level within the scope of the “Istanbul Comedy Festival itibaren since 2016 and brings new dynamics to Istanbul’s city culture.

The “Istanbul Comedy Festival cak, which will start on October 18 this year with a changing and developing calendar every year, has laid the groundwork for a long-lasting and traditional structure like the international comedy festivals in many countries of the world, to be included in the calendar of international comedy festivals.

Turkey and with the participation of many young comedians from the world famous and festive, enjoyable comedy of humor-themed exhibition on show, with special guest made from panels, offers a wide range of activities up to the comedy film screenings.


The main focus of the festival, which is the most important part of Bavarian culture, is “beer aslında.

The Oktoberfest beer, fermented annually exclusively, is the joy of the festival! The Oktoberfest, which began with the fountain-making ceremony of the Mayor of Munich, in a large wooden beer barrel, takes place from 21 September to 6 October.

The celebration started on October 12, 1810 with the participation of local people on the occasion of the weddings of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Sachsen-Hildeburghausen Princess Therese. Today the celebration has turned into a worldwide festival.

Albuquerque International Balloon Festival

Every year in October, the Balloon Festival (Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta), which transports hundreds of thousands of people to the state of New Mexico, rises up into the sky and disappears after a while.

It should be a pleasure to watch more than 700 balloons of a thousand shapes and colors in the sky on the festival field, which spans an area of ​​approximately 146 hectares (which is almost the size of 54 football fields).

The festival starts with dawn early in the morning and ends with fireworks at 20.00 in the evening. The festival, which includes different competitions and various entertainments, also offers an opportunity for those who are interested in photography to capture different frames.

Halloween Parade

Halloween Parade is celebrated in many countries on 31 October each year, but the event, which has been held in New York since 1973, stands out as the world’s largest street entertainment.

In the past, it is believed that the borders between the dead and the survivors have been lifted among the people on 31 October and that the dead can harm people. Celebrating this holiday; they imitate dead spirits wearing masks and costumes; they open fire in squares. This tradition, centuries ago, has survived to the present day and has become a universal entertainment.

Light Festival

To commemorate the return of God Rama from exile and the victory of good over evil, the Festival of Light (Diwali), which is celebrated every year in October or November throughout India, is dedicated to Laksmi in Bombay and Kali in Calcutta.

The first day of this holiday, which lasts for five days, is the beginning of the new business year period. The second day is dedicated to Krishna, the third day to Shiva, and the fourth day to Bali, a demonic force that looks friendly.

On the fifth day, boys visit girls, girls and women put dots on their foreheads with red paint called ka tikka, and feast on boys. Houses, shops and public places are decorated with small earthen lamps called “diyas.. Traditionally lit with mustard oil, these lamps are placed on the edges of windows, doors and outside of buildings to decorate. Since lights, fireworks and sweets are involved, it is one of the most popular festivals for children.