Laughter Session At Uniq Hall

The newest stage of Istanbul, UNIQ Hall will be hosting the ‘Kaan Sekban Saçmalar’ stand-up show which has been on stage numerous times and this time it will be on October 17th. Opening its doors last season and giving the opportunity for artlovers variety of different shows, the 1200-people capacity UNIQ HALL will again be full this season. Kaan Sekban had been leading a corporate life and working in a bank for 10 years. Then he retires and takes drama lessons in the States and in Turkey. He was first known with the stand-up shows he used to do in his own home which he shared through social media. He was also in the list of best sellers with his book “Tebrikler Kovuldunzu” released in May. In his one man show, Kaan Sekban is telling about the corporate life, the life coaches everywhere, today’s parents and many of those characters whom we –without being aware- meet in our daily lives.