126 different architectural works chosen among thousands of historical artifacts depending on their popularity and their ability to represent the era in which they were built, are being exhibited through their models minimized at a scale of 1/25 at Miniaturk.

Miniaturk, which takes its power and beauty from 3000 years of civilizations, is not only a nice park with a walking trail, but at the same time it is a cultural and social responsibility project. Younger generations may discover how they have lived in a place, which has hosted such deep-rooted civilizations. Miniaturk, which is among the first venues visited by both domestic and foreign tourists is also an ideal venue for those who would like to take a magnificent tour of Turkey in a short period of time, to summarize: Turkey’s Showcase! Furthermore at Miniaturk; you may see the “Panorama Victory Museum” that displays the Independence War, Canakkale War and the way of life in Anatolian villages as well as the “Crystal Museum of Istanbul”, which includes the models of Istanbul’s most significant historical structures as engraved into crystals and displayed with light effects.

Visiting Hours

The Museum is open between 09:00 and 19:00 every day.


Entrance fee for foreign nationals: 15.00 TL

Term of payment: Cash TL currency accepted. No foreign currency accepted.

Writer: Resul Erkan