The Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower, whose history goes back 2500 years hosted a number of different civilizations for centuries.

According to an old Greek myth, the girl who is believed to have held the flashlight for her lover, who comes to see her each night, swimming across the Bosphorus, has caused her lover Leandros to get lost in the sea after the flashlight died down. According to another legend told by the Turks, the Emperor was told that his daughter will die because of a snake and he put his daughter into this tower in order to protect her. The princess falls in love with a prince and was poisoned by a snake that comes in a fruit basket sent by the prince. Even though it is remembered by the legends, it has witnessed several moments including the conquest of Istanbul throughout history. It is one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset. You can also drink your tea sitting across the Maiden’s Tower at the Salacak shore or you may eat your meal at the restaurant inside the tower. Make sure you visit the tower because you will not feel like you visited Istanbul unless you see the Maiden’s Tower.

Writer: Hayrunisa Alp