Top 10 Augut Festivals

Top 10 Ağustos Festivalleri

Top 10 Augut Festivals


To be organized at the beach of Erikli on August 3rd, 4th and 5th; the singer to be on the stage ofthe Music Festival of Thrace are almost determined. Within this festival; Kenan Doğulu, Duman, Teoman, Haluk Levent, Manga, Manuş Baba, Yeni Türkü, Moğollar, Ceylan Ertem, Cem Adrian, Halil Sezai, Adamlar, Son Feci Bisiklet, Can
Kazaz, Oğuzhan Uğur and İkiye On Kala are the ones who will for sure be taking stage. Are you ready to enjoy the most beautiful days of Erikli and have unforgettable memories with sea, sand, sun and wonderful concerts? Preparing several festivals like the Thracian Festival, Music Festival of Edirne, Culture and Arts Festival of Edirne; the Aziz Gül Organization is inviting you for entertainment at the coast of Erikli this summer.


Levaing behind four successful years, this festival has become the biggest festival in Turkey of all times. Being the parade of Turkish rock music, the Rock Festival of Zeytinli happens to be the inspiration for the new festivals all
around Turkey and at the same time, has caused the concept of festivals with encampment take place and spread
in the country. The Rock Festival of Zeytinli has left its mark on by meeting over 75 musicians with over 200.000
musiclovers during a 5-day event and is getting ready to prepare an amazing organization again in 2018. The festival
will take place between August 29th and September 2nd welcoming music lovers at the coast of Edremit Akçay and
will be hosting the most significant rock musicians and groups.


Being amongst the fanciest organizations of the world, the festival is bringing together the craziest musiciand and
revolutionist throughout the world. Festival is being held at Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The participants are enduring against the tough desert conditions and breaking down their own walls. First of all by being set free and later on burning the Wooden Man symbolizing the human body and its mould; the festival is concluded. In the festival every year, themes are determined such as; 7 eras, melting earth, beyond beliefs, conscience, hope, fear, American Dream, etc.. The participants present their works -of which the theme has been determined in advance- at the center of the camp areas named, “playa”. The festival turjs out to be a platform of manifestation and at this platform, the works of art and shows which are the outcomes of self-confidence and proving oneself are being presented. The participants are showing their sincerest dances, songs and musical performances. The festival -where entertainment, freedom and arts are get together- is puttng up colorful scenes every year.


Being the biggest festival of Hungary and one of the most exclusive festivals of the world; the Sziget Festiğval will be
taking place between August 8th and 15th and from Turkey, Ezhel and Baba Zula will also be taking stage. Climbing
up the stairs fast this year, Ezhel will be on ‘Europe’ stage on the fourth day of the festival, August 12th. On the other
hand, being one of the most leading representatives of the psychodelic avantgarde music in Turkey, Baba Zula will
also be on ‘World Stage’ on August 14th. On the stage of this fullfilling festival are; Arctic Monkeys, Gorillaz, Lana Del Rey,  Mumford & Sons, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Asaf Avidan, Cigarettes After Sex, MØ and etc.


To be held on August 4th in Bodrum, the first acoustic musics festival of Turkey, the Unplugged Music Festival has a very significant name behind; the main vocal of manga, Ferman Akgül! In the first year of this festval, there will be sea activities all day, workshops, amusing competitions and a beach party accompanied by the most successfull street musicians of Turkey. Through to sunsetting -on the specially designed stage- maNga, Gökhan Türkmen, Kalben, Bora Uzer and Hey! Douglas will be performing the acoutsic versions of their best hits with guitar, piano and sounds of the waves. And the closing of the festival with a capacity of three thoudand people, will take place with an After Chill Party under the stars.


Accepted to be one of the most significant religious feasts of India, Krishna Janmastami, is the celebration of the birth (August 14th) of Goddess Krishna. In the old writings of India, identified as the “Goddess Herself”, it is celebrated for the sake of Krishna’s appearance on earth. Over 1 billion people are celebrating this holy day all over the World, and it begins before the first lights of the day at the Vaişnava temples and lasts until midnight to the exact anniversary of the appearance of Krishna. The events include kirtan –which is singing the Vedik mantras and melodies all together- and Japa – which is a way of meditation-. Feasts are prepared and plays and dances are
performed. The temple is decorated and ornamented with many flowers and Krishna deitis. Incences are lit, writings
are read, and -except for kids, old people and sick people- everyone fasts whole day long.


In 1950’s when there was high racism, a group has starten an act against discrimination and so the Carnival of Nothing Hill has aroused. This European event has grown bigger by aiming knitting up and socializing. This event has first taken place in 1964 and is still being celebrated as th biggest street carnival of Europe. Having musicians
mostly from Africa, Latin America, Jamaika etc, the traditional costumes are the reasons why this carnival is being
followed this popularity. Thousands of people are enjoying themselves by dancing, entertaining, drinking and
socialiizng and just to be a part of this event, crowds of people rushing to the Capital city.


Known to be one of the biggest feasts held in the state of Kerala in southern India, the “Feast of Harvest” (Onam Festival), is being celebrated by thousands of people no matter what their kasts and religious beliefs are.. The most important day of the feast is known to be “Thiru Onam” and falls on a different day in August each year. 10 days prior to Onam, named as Atham; the rituels begin. People ornimant the front yards of their houses with flowers after a nice bath. These floweres stay where they are for 10 days and different competitions are being organized on those flowers. In Onam, the exclusive tastes of local kitchens are also presenetd. The most beautiful clothes are being worn during this feasting and various activities such as snake boat competitions, local dances and etc.


Being celebrated in the Trie Sur Baïse town of Haute Pyrness region of France every year in August since 1975, hundreds of people are enjoying themselves crazily by imitating pigs and joining competitions in this festival. This festival had first begun by a French tradesman inviting people to a contest of “guessing sound” and as it is been told,
turns out to be a Pig Festival after people imitating the sounds of pigs very well. Every year there happens to be more
participants and various activities are added to this event and so right now it is the biggest pig-focused festival of the
World. Pig imitating contest, sausage eating contest, baby pig contest, pig costumes contest are helpiing the people
of this town enjoy themselves. Although this festival is being found weird and funny by some people, their only aim is
to having good ime and happiness. The festival reaches its goal no matter what and the participants return their homes very happily.