Two Great Circus Shows in Metropol Istanbul

Metropol continues to host fun events throughout September in Istanbul, will host two major circus group for the first time in Turkey.

Mongolian Circus, one of the most ambitious examples of circuses that excites everyone, young, adult and children, is waiting for everyone who wants to have pleasant hours in Metropol Istanbul on September 14-15 and Russian circus group Grande Circus on September 21-22.

Metropol Istanbul brand mix:

Metropol Istanbul, which blends 250 stores in total with a rich brand mix from all age and income groups, is among the brands that will take place in Istanbul; John Reed in Turkey will open its first point Fitness & SPA, the FDA Game Republic, Hupalup to, among Cinemateca and other brands; Beymen, Beymen Club, Boyner, DasDas Performance Center, CarrefourSA, MediaMarkt, Evidea, Ebebek, Paşabahçe, Esteworld.

SuperStep, Nautica, Lacoste, Gant, 40 Million Optics, Golden Star Classics, Altınbaş, The Ambargoes Cafe, Anadolu Pharmacy, Arifoğlu, Ariş Diamond, Aslı Cafe, Asyıldız Exchange, Atasay, Atasun Optik, Avva, B&G, Balloon House, Benetton, Beylerbeyi Profiterole, B-Fair, Bee Vale, Big Chef’s, Blue Diamond, Boyner, Burger House, Cacharel, Coffee Chefs, Cold Stone, Cookshop, Columbia, Coral Travel, Garbage, Delta Optics, Divarese, Docker’s, Doyuyo, Wraps, Emnana, Engin Clock, ETS Tour, Eve Shop, Giovane Gentile, Giya Jewelery, Eye Group, Gratis, Green Salads, Rose Pharmacy, Hazer Baba, HD Alexander, HD Pita, hmbrgr, IGS, Jolly Tour, Coffee World, Snow Sports.

Black Oven, Butcher 1924, Kiğılı, Kom, Neighbor Oven, Konyalı Saat, Korkmaz, Krispy Kreme, Chronotropic, Kütahya Porcelain, Levi’s, Lizay Diamond, Lobby Brasserie, Lokmacho, Mado, Malatya Market, Marin Tobacco, Marin Tobacco, Marmara Lostra, Midpoint, Network / Que, Nezih Bookstore, Nokta Stationery.

NutShop, Panzarotti, Parisian Cemil Coiffeur, Perfume Point, Perspective, Pet Shop, Pidem, Pierre Cardin, Plevneli Pharmacy, Polo Garage, Regina Shoes, Clock & Watch, Salomon, Sarar, Serander Cafe , Silver & Stone, Skechers, So Chic, Starbucks, Stork’s, Suadiye Marmaris, Suwen, Swarovski, Tefal, The House Cafe, Toyzz Shop, Turkcell, Tuzun, US Polo Assn, Vodafone, W Gourmet Burger, WMF, Yves Rocher, Zen Diamond, Ziyafe Kayseri Cuisine.