Zeynep Rana Aybar

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Didem Topal

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Ebru Şinik


N. Ebru Şinik, who is the first and only Ayurvedic Life Trainer of our country, who graduated from Chopra Center Universty, is one of the founder and educators of the center of the body, mind and mental health integrity. Studying Ayurvedic Medicine in the USA, Şinik met with Ayurveda, meditation, ancient breathing techniques as a result of the anxiety and depression he experienced while working in the corporate world for 17 years.

Dilara Deniz Çelebi


Dilara Deniz Çelebi is a fashion designer who pays attention to the curious, sporty and healthy life that moves between Milan and other countries. The most exciting adventure begins when he moves to Milan for university studies. Çelebi, who has been making spa visits on a regular basis by converting his life-style curiosity into a lifestyle abroad, writes about it. Meditation, sports and alternative therapies are among the topics that are constantly being read and developed. He is currently working on projects that combine wellness and fashion.

Beste Çiçek

Writer / Web Design


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