Aylin Zaptçıoğlu Interview

Can you tell us about yourself so that our readers can get to know you better?
I came to Istanbul in 2003 to read pictures at MSGÜ. Since then, I have been living in Istanbul and continuing my production.

Your job is basically creating something new. If I ask briefly, why did you choose the side that creates and produces life?
I have chosen to paint as a form of expression since childhood. I became closer to visual expression than expressing it with words and movement. It is not a very conscious choice. Frankly, I don’t know if I’m creating something new. I can say that I construct what is happening inside or around me with a visual language to find a meaning.

How did your art journey begin?
I grew up in Antalya. I met Murat Sinkil during my high school period. He was the most accurate person I could ever face. I can only say that he did not like the picture, but I opened my head in general. When I entered the academy, I drew heavily, but I didn’t know exactly what to do, I think I just loved doing it.

I went to Bologna for a year with the student exchange program, and I was mostly in sculpture and engraving workshops. I focused on engraving 1-2 years after graduation… In 2011, Evin Iyem gave me the opportunity to open my first solo exhibition in the gallery. Thus, painting has gained another dimension. I had 4 personal exhibitions at Evin Art Gallery.

The experience of sharing my work with people in a professional environment and living in a friendly, humble environment was a precious start for me. Then I opened a small exhibition with the Öktem & Aykut gallery where I tried other materials. I am currently working for the second exhibition, which will be at the X-ist gallery.

Is painting art something to learn? Or is it talent more prominent?
It’s something to learn if you really have that desire. I guess the thing that makes the art is not how much expertise it is done, its content and the fact that the minister can find a statement.

What is your most special work that you are most impressed by its story?
I was influenced by my work called ‘Banquet’ and my composite animal figured paintings for the first exhibition of the art collective Kimera, which we established in 2018 with Kemal Özen, Ali Elmacı, Merve Morkoç, Tayfun Gülnar and Elif Varol Ergen. They set me the way in terms of meaning and process.

Can you tell us about the works you planned for the next period?
This period, I am in a process where I want to work with different materials. For example, I plan to make an installation for our next Kimera group exhibition. So I go to the workshops of my other artist friends to get help with different materials and techniques. At the same time, I continue my engraving and oil painting works in my own workshop.

Is there any advice you would like to give to working friends who are at the beginning of this road?
Let them work with their favorite material and subject. It can be helpful to approach making art as a way to approach what we have inside, to understand ourselves and what is happening around us.