This time, our destination is Gstaad, a Jetset mountain village renowned for celebrating a close friend’s birthday. Four magnificent days in the Swiss Alps, the most sought-after and luxurious ski and entertainment center…

First and foremost, the reason for sharing this article is to discover that in this place defined by comfort and entertainment at the beginning of the text, there is a comfortable hotel for your little one and your family. Ermitage Gstaad, one of the finest hotels, has already won my heart with its magnificent and tasty cake hours for families and the magical moments you can experience in the hot tubs while it snows. Let’s delve into the short story of this holiday.

Upon our arrival at the hotel, every individual in our group had traveled from a different country; therefore, each of us was eagerly anticipating tasting Swiss dishes. The attentive and elegant staff of the hotel welcomed us, showed us around the hotel, and invited us to the area where we could enjoy the breathtaking Alps through the large windows for the cake hour. Despite being a group of healthy friends who generally do not have a habit of eating sweets, I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said we tried each of the cakes made with locally sourced ingredients by Michelin-starred chef Giuseppe Colella at the buffet.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in short, every meal you have at the hotel is freshly prepared with carefully selected products from local places in Switzerland. This is one of the biggest promises the hotel offers you. We chose this vacation for a friend’s birthday, as I mentioned before. We, a group of people from various parts of the world, came together to relax, have fun, and enjoy the moment. Our birthday dinner table, meticulously prepared, the delicious meals we chose with the chef’s recommendation, and the local cheese varieties of Gstaad were so light and delicious that they would make you rethink everything you’ve eaten before. Every meal is enjoyed in the chalet that is special for you. This table in the chalet is reserved for you throughout your stay at the hotel. Chef Giuseppe’s claim is to make hotel guests come back for these flavors, and I believe he is right. The hotel kitchen is very successful.

If you, like me, love places where you can do your sport without neglecting comfort and where nature and comfort come together, you can join the world of jet-set entertainment, take advantage of its privileges, and have a relaxing holiday with live music, quality food, and your family. It’s one of the rare places where these two concepts go hand in hand. The hotel has everything you’re looking for. Pilates yoga rooms are designed separately from the general gym area, allowing you to do your exercise comfortably. You can follow the yoga and pilates hours provided by the hotel or use the gym for your own routine.

Every detail of the hotel is carefully thought out and turned into a success story. The family that owns ERMITAGE is now considered a pioneer in wellness in Switzerland. In 1979, they transported the Basler Sole saltwater pool to the Bernese Oberland to create the first indoor and outdoor saltwater pool in the mountains. Although people initially did not take this seriously, it quickly turned into a success story: Today, the 3,700 m2 chalet resort is the largest and most modern wellness park in the region.

In the evenings, we came to the entertainment area called ‘One Million Stars Bar’ to listen to live music with Nik Rechsteiner, and we spent these four days in the most wonderful way possible with beloved Italian and French songs.

For a quality meal and a spectacular escape reserved just for yourself in the Swiss Alps, Ermitage is undoubtedly among your top choices for a special and prestigious place. If you are planning to go to Gstaad, I am sure you will enjoy it to the fullest, especially during this season.

With love,
Dilara Deniz Çelebi