A New Taste In Loco de Pera

Loco de Pera, which meets the needs of quality entertainment, quality food and quality ambiance in every detail, continues to arouse excitement with its innovations.

Under the leadership of Chef Aryen Mede, the Loco de Pera food menu is based on tapas and offers very satisfying portions and options. The variety in the renewed menu extends from noon to dinner and demonstrates Loco de Pera’s assertion about food. While the most popular flavors of the first menu continue to be present, the addition of fresh pasta and main course options and increasing the variety make the faces laugh. Goat Cheese Delight, Toasted Camembert, Salmon Paleo Cake, Falafel & Humus, Mince Ravioli, appetizers as the new stars of the starters stage.

Tel: 0212 252 26 56