Single Shot Culture Alaf2tek Receives Life

Alaf invites you to throw two in a branch called Alaf2Tek, whose main subject is street food and tektekçi culture.

Interpreting the 2 single concepts to the present, Chef Deniz Temel presents a modern tektekçi experience to his guests by combining the flavor and culture with the accompaniments reflecting the uniqueness of the two regions. Located in Kuruçeşme lights, Alaf2Tek’s menu features prominent representatives of street delicacies such as kokoreç, bounty, tripe and sleepiness.

As in the Alaf2 Tektektekçi taverns, the culture in which raki is served in a tea glass is reinterpreted. With its menu consisting of Ayvalık’s sea urchin, Adana’s şırdan, İzmir’s offal, cag kebab of the Eastern Black Sea and seven regions’ flavors, and the concept of a single monastery, Alaf2Tek is open from 12:00 noon to 01:00 am, every day of the week except Mondays. 0532 015 9419