Namlı Gurme Karaköy

At Namli Gurme, customers are given the opportunity to shop for authentic Turkish products and indulge in delectable meal offerings, all day long.
Offerings include an array of cheeses, superb helal charcuterie, cold mezes, dolma, flavourful honey and jam sauces, just to name a few. For the love of all-things-organic, NamliGurme houses over 2000 kinds of such in demand products. The one-stop shop is known for its rich roasted-sausage-pastrami eggs and menemen, a dish bound to leave a memorable culinary imprint. The company has in house specials, catered to traditional Turkish cuisine with a modern take and twist.
Kemankeş Cad. Katotopark Altı No.29 A Karaköy/İstanbul
Phone: 0212 293 68 80