A Show Blending Humor In Music: Pagagnini

A fascinating show that excites crowds all around the world and provokes cheering and laughter, Pagagnini will be in Cemal Reşit Rey Concert Hall on December, 9th.

Inspired by legendary Italian violin virtuoso Paganini, the show will combine classical music with humor.

The virtuoso quartet combined Thomas Potiron, Fernando Clemente, Gueorgui Fournadjiev and Isaac M. Pulet will play sophisticated compositions of Paganini and carry his daring personality and indisputable ability to stage.

Besides Paganini compositions, the musicians will play a colorful repertoire including rock and folk melodies, pieces from Mozart, Pachelbel, Chopin, Boccherini, Falla and Sarasate.

What would like to say about Paganini, the legendary Italian violinist, who is an inspiration to your show?

Our show tributes to the greatest violinist of all times. Paganini is the first rock star of the music history. He made his music genre popular and gave concerts to big crowds. He’s very special for us as well.

What do you offer for the audience on stage? How do you explain this show?

Pagagnini is a musical show where we have fun with music and we try to share it with public. The humor and the jokes play a key role in this fun.

“Pagagnini” combines classical music with humor. Do you believe this kind of shows attract younger audience to classical music?

We think young people are afraid of listening to classical music because they fear that they wouldn’t understand it, therefore they wouldn’t enjoy it. Combining humor with classical music is one of the many ways of making them realize that this music isn’t that difficult to enjoy. One doesn’t have to be an expert to be able to enjoy it. The classical world is too serious and too rigid and young people don’t identify themselves with it. It’s time to change it so that they realize this music is in fact wonderful.

You’ve been to Turkey before. What are your impressions about our country and Turkish audience?

Turkish people always welcome us so warm. We are flattered by the interest of audience to our show. The tickets are always sold out. We hope to live the same situation one more time.