Celebrities In The Interview “Jessica May”

If my adventure were in a European country I Wouldn’t Be So Happy

“New Bride” we know now thanks to the series and his daughter Jessica May of this we press our loving embrace of our foreign quota … Properly Turkish, Turkey love and accept herself was ettiriv beer with sympathetic attitude. Of course, with his wife being Turkish, he joined our sister-in-law quota. We talked about how he was one of us, his career plans and us from his point of view.

Can you talk a bit about the process of coming to Turkey?

When I was working in Sao Paulo, I was going to go there because an advertising offer came from China. My visas, my flight ticket, my accommodation were all prepared. One day before my flight, news came from China and they said the job was canceled. The job had been canceled because there had been a tsunami in Japan at the time, and that region was going through very difficult times. In the meantime, I stayed in Sao Paulo. This development came after a week of news from Turkey and an advertising trip came true. through Europe after Turkey was planning to work there. Because my grandfathers originated in Italy, Germany and Lithuania. I’ve been dreaming about traveling and working. But Turkey I met more good things than I planned my trip. These beauties tied me up here. Now Turkey became the second homeland.

You came to acting from Brazil to Turkey. We usually have the opposite. The dream of most players ornaments to make acting abroad. What is the reason for voters, especially in Turkey’s acting career?

First series of the entire world market in Turkey notorious case. There are even Turkish serials broadcast in Brazil. Follow our series was also very timely in Turkey. Everyone here tells me about the old Brazilian series. It was a language I didn’t know, a culture I didn’t know, but I got used to it very quickly and the circumstances made me stay here. I’m so happy for that. If I had this adventure in a European country, would I be so happy? I guess I couldn’t. Turkey is a very colorful country. I’m glad to be here and do my job.

Foreign players can take part in the project because of their language adaptation. It does this situation to continue acting Given in Turkey will not be difficult for you? What are you doing to improve yourself on this?

I received language training from a great master. I developed my language muscles for Turkish. Now I can pronounce words much more easily. The people we’re already in contact with forget that I’m a stranger after a while. Meanwhile, I played a Turk in my last film. This was an important step for my career.

What kind of roles adorn your dreams?

When I read, I prefer to play a character that can impress me. So I’m looking at character harmony rather than style. E.g; I liked Pelin character in my last comedy movie. When I read it, I was fidgeting. I have a special feeling for the past years and there is always a period of work in one corner of my heart. I love the clean texture and stories of history.

Will Turkey brought you learn new habits?

There are habits that I have not yet implemented, but I like to see in people. E.g; have the habit of wiping the basket through the window and making purchases. Sounds nice and fun to me. I think if he comes across a friend’s house or something, I think he’s in first place.

You probably love these places, but you continue to live here, but I’m sure there are some things that you don’t get used to, which are interesting to you … What amazes you the most?

I still didn’t get used to seeing animals on the streets. This makes me very sad because winters are hard here and most of them cannot find food. There are so many cats and dogs on the street…

Brazilian people have accepted beauty norms in the world. How do you find Turkish women and men? Can you share one of your own beauty secrets with our readers?

 I can easily say that I have visited many countries in the world; I think Turkish women have a genetic beauty. Especially since I spend time in Istanbul, I can observe more here and women are taking care of themselves. This is a very beautiful thing. Because the woman takes care of herself and makes the man tidy up without leaving the house. I have no secrets of beauty, but I can recommend this; I try to consume a lot of water, and at night I spray water on my face before sleeping.

Can you tell us a bit about the projects you plan to implement in the coming periods?

Now we have film excitement. We’re running for him. We’il watch with the audience. It makes me even more excited. I’ve had a couple of series projects for this season, but as I said, I don’t prefer to be involved when the character doesn’t fit me. When a project arrives, we consider it as a team and the evaluation process of a project takes about a week. I will return to the screens with a new set, but this turn will be at the right time and with the right character.

What is Istanbul like for you?

It is a city where I can easily walk around, always find something to do, gallery-exhibition is not missing, traffic is abundant, crowded but does not give up on itself and life does not really stop.

Where do you like to spend your time in Istanbul? For example, on an empty day, how would you draw the Istanbul sightseeing route from morning to night?

I love the Dolmabahçe way. If I’m going to walk in the morning, I choose Dolmabahçe. The photos of Atatürk on the side of the road and the big plane trees along the way give me happiness. In my spare time I love to ride Istanbul by bicycle. Generally, my route starts from Besiktas and Ortakoy, Bebek, Rumeli coastline to Istinye and go to Istinye’den car ferry is to go to the bar.

I follow the direction from Çubuklu to Üsküdar by bicycle. Sometimes I pass from Kandilli to Bebek. For instance, the Kanlıca coastline through this line gives me an incredible pleasure. Because the European side of Istanbul, where I spend more time, stands before me. I smell the sea and hear the sound of nature more because there is little vehicle noise.

If you wanted to tell Istanbul to a Brazilian friend or family member with a sentence, what would that sentence be?

Welcome to the Asian continent and welcome to the European continent you can see the plates in the same city