She is a deep-feeler, self aware of her wishes, sharp and go-getter in my opinion.Is  a headliner who has accompished her military service, skillful in kitchen?  The respondent of this odd question was Linet of course. If you ask that how do you define Linet My answer would be colourful.For instance; she is a glitzy head liner , next thing you know a funny girl. She decide which one would come up with after her heart. And yet she has transparent walls of her. She likes surprising people like she does while singing. She says she is a woman of love and i think so. She like life spicy just like disliking plain food.

If you ask how she was in kitchen i would say very skillful, very fitting. She came the shooting in guised up way, opened her big make-up bag refreshed her make-up ,  put on her apron , had a glance on mirror , flipped her hair and started to making stuffings. She stuffed stuffings in the meantime she was singing and giving funny pauses. You will se another Linet in our interview and amusing shootings in which we talked about her getting on stage when she was 5 , her military service,  Leaving the Turkey and returning, her understanding od love, friendships and many other things.

Celebrities in Kitchen

Interviewer: Zeynep Rana AYBAR


Place:Electrolux Professional Kitchen, Taksim

We know that you got on stage in very early ages. I suppose it is hard to be child of a artist mother and being on stage when you are 5. How do you recall those days or how it effected your present having lived those days?

I don’t probe the past, i always look forward. Everyhing changes so quickly. Just sometimes when i close my eyes while having a trip i say ‘ wow! So many you had been through’ to myself. İ am being happy, praising. Of course it was hard live those days. Nothing comes to you spontaneously in life. You mus devote yourself to what you are doing.

Would you mention about your family a little? How your mother and father were?

We had lost my dad early, i grew without a father, i can’t recall a bit. There were my mother, my big brother and sister. May god give him a long life, my brother was always there for us. My brother was sitting at the head of the table. My man figüre is my brother. There are 12 years between us. He is the one i call while having hard times. My mother was the mother and the father. I feel myself happy and rich with my family.

You are a daughter of a migrated family. It is a hard thing not to have roots. Would you mention from that side of your life.

Sure it is hard. İ couldn’t root for years. Meaning of my name is exile in Turkish. I have been through that exile many times in my life. My life is passing by rooting somewhere for the last ten years. I could do that in Turkey fortunately. This is the place i grew up, i can express my self best in here. My mother is a very traditionalist and unpermissive woman. She always protected me and said ‘ i waste my daughter for no one. She told me your voice would be the prominent thing all the time. She is an artist too, she taught me to controlling my ego. She always says that ‘ if you are doing this job you should be a craft because people come to see you , listen to you, it’s your duty to making them happy. I got on stage at my 5 thanks to my mother and i grew up with her manners. I grew up very fast.

How did you explore yourself and your voice.

I didn’t had a chance such exploring myself. I was three and i found myself in the middle of the class and they made me sing all the time. I was singing in Turkish i didn’t know Hebrew i learned it at school. Everyone was astonished by my voice. I was little i got off the stage people were saying ‘ what a voice, we got goose bumps’.

However it doesn’t matter how strong your voice is , soulfulness is what matters.

There must be many moments you can’t forget in your art life. What’s up in your mind when you close your eyes?

In fact, i don’t recall anything that far because i gave my first individual concert on 18th March 2016 at Bostancı Performance Hall for the first time in my 30-35 years long art life. There are moments i thrilled or programs i left happy and yet after the experience i had there i asked myself that ‘ did i have to wait for this for all that long years?’ ı resented so much that why didn’t it happen sooner. I want to be on stage as long as i am productive. I want to be remembered as a good voice when i quit. I treaded up into air and felt sad at that concert for why didn’t it happen till that day. But you must accept by saying everything has a right time. I took stage at night clubs in spite of myself and exhausted. When you reach 2000 people in open air then your stage scale, your show, your tessitture are being regardinly. I can sing in 6 languages for example.

You haven’t playbacked is that so?

I did once and i felt very unhappy.

What is the best compliment you recieved for your art?

It is making me very happy when people chill listening me.

Do you listen to yourself? Who do you listen to when you fuss for instance?

I don’t hear when i sing by myself. When i shush there is always music playing in my head. İ hear music even in the sound of wind. I don’t listen to music when i fuss. I don’t have time for fussing. I don’t like pittying my self and when i am on my suffering-mode i try to get out of it at once. That is my advice to everyone, look at the bright side. The other way is the easiest way.

How many languages do you know?

I know 6. Hebrew ,Spanish,English, Greek, Arabic and Turkish. I can understand Arabic and Greek. I am advanced at the others. I try to learn a few new vocabularies from a language everyday.

The of globalizing of artists is a very popular issue in Turkey as you know , can we say if you can’t by knowing 6 languages howcome the others can or is it all about true marketting?

Yes , strategy and true marketing are what matter. My ultimate goal is to represent Turkey in Eurovision a minority member and a proud Turk regardless of language. If we come to the abroad issue i dont want to be known in America or Europa but Middle East.

Would you mention about your new projects a bit?

There are concert Çeşme i will give together with ‘ Sinema Senfoni Orkestra’. There will be a concert in Harbiye but its date is uncertain yet. We will take place in big stage of Mediternean region along summer. Surprises are waiting the spectators.

You are a funny woman. Head liners are generally serious. Is that a thing funny head liner? Time is changing to where?

I tee off life for real. I was teeing off myself even when i was fat. These teasing i made today are real me , i make fun of my own life most. İ like joking around with my listeners too. I am singing as ‘ may your hair touches my face’ by looking a bold listener from scene.

You are a funny woman but it is also obvious that you accomlished military service. You have a tough attitude either. We know women do military service in Israel. This phenomenon is interesting to us though, tell us a bit.

They take you to military by the age of 17 and it is obligatory for every woman. İ was entering to Turkey with my litter for a while. I did my military service for 3 months short-term.

Do you know how to use a gun?

Of course i know.

What is your ultimate goal in life?

To have children. I am 41. I want if it was meant to be. I love children very much. I would love to raise my own because i have lot to contribute.

You are very deliberate while talking about love issues. Are there big disappointments behind that?

There are periods we compansate a lot, we esteem highly when we are in love. In fact, i am a pisces woman, i was like that during my 20s , 30s but now i am more realistic.

Were you hurt many times for love?

Not hurt, awaken. Next thing you know about the person you exaggerated is phose, nothing. There is a thing i know, you should value people as they deserve if you highly esteem it spoils everything.

What kind of a woman you would be whe you are really in love?

I dont know if the men i had in my life so far planned it or what but when i said it is ok then pop they draw away. You text him then he text you back 2 hours later on purpose. I  like intimacy. But everything should be mutual. I wish the person i fall love in with for real to love me back. May us keep on at the same temperature. I noticed that i can’t have a relationship without being in love.

Have you done crazy things fort he sake of love?

I fell in love at the first sight once. I went the country he lives , made surprise. It was the first and the last. Because i disappointed and i won’t do again.

What kind of a place Istanbul is for you?

Istanbul is like New York, everyone is here, everything is here including good and bad. I know well the good sides and bad sides of it just like everyone does. Unfortunately we accepted it now. Wwe will be stuck in traffic as we can’t be teleported. I want to settle all my thing on foot but it is too hard.

What did you miss most about Istanbul when you were in Israel? You hadn’t been in Istanbul as well as i know.

I missed The sea, the traffic, even the nasty scent of it.

Did you go because of something you got angry with?

Yes. Everybody was telling i was doing my job well however, nothing was advancing with my life. And at the end i thought that there is nothing special about me and decided not to fight anymore. Everybody seized a corner and there is nothing for me, there is no such a thing as sharing. Everybody is at it hammer and tongs and i didn’t want to see that. I have a very naive and fragile natüre. I don’t want to bother anyone, i dont want to force anyone to anything. I love flowing through people like water.

Is Linet a power now?

Yes. Be sure that people who love my voice , my music said enough, there is Linet now. Social media has been a reinforcement to me because i see public’s support there. I haven’t come to these days getting support from the peak. The listeners lifted me up. Those who don’t like me accepted by obligation.

Don’t you have any friends in this community?

Let’s not say friend. There are acquaintances. I learned that don’t let anyone get too close. Relationships need to have a balace. An axe has a wooden handle but it cut a tree from its root. My mother says pour out your grief to the walls instead of friends.

What do you dislike most about yourself?

I take on myself so much that i got tired of seeking perfect already. I exhaust myself that i dislike.

How do you do it with kitchen?

I like being in kitchen when i am available. It is being a therapy. I like very much peeling okras and runner beans. I comfort myself it is like yoga to me. I am dexter in flavours .  Those don’t leave with just having a cookie who come to me for a coffee.i like feding, in fact i like sharing.