Ömer Salkın “Everywhere That Is Untouched, Undisturbed Inspires Me”

ömer salkım

Everywhere That Is Untouched, Undisturbed Inspires Me

Can you introduce yourselves in order to know you more closely?

My name is Omer Salkin, I was born in Eskisehir, 1971. I live in Bursa since 1994 due to my business.

How old were you when you met with photograph? Where people can you follow from?

I have been doing trekking since 2000. I used to take my photos with cell phone, but I bought my first professional camera in 2014… They can follow me on my Instagram account @osalkin

Which place does inspire you most?

Everywhere that is untouched, undisturbed inspires me, but especially nature is essential for me… Golyazi, Iznik, and public houses that you call Istanbul historical peninsula, especially including Uludag…

Today, there are so many people who are interested in photography, so competition is at very high level as in other fields of art; but being able to gain the title of artist is a very demanding process no matter what the field is. What kind of difficulties have you had in this process? Can you mention about it?

Yes, this is also a field of art and involving in this at one side is so enjoyable. As many people, I started it as a hobby. Actually it is still my hobby. Of course, I follow each kind of innovation and development in order to improve myself in this period. I wait minutes and minutes, even hours to catch a moment. I sometimes choose only one frame among hundreds of photos. I draw inspiration from photographers I follow. However, everything usually goes out suddenly and I do not think on it so much, because as I said, this is my hobby and I am so delighted at doing this. I don’t see anybody as my competitor, or compete with anyone, have any commercial concern, so I don’t have any difficulty.

Travel has become a part of our lives after we discovered Instagram. Is travel a trend?

We learn many places, people want to visit and photograph them thanks to Instagram… So it is absolutely a trend.

How do you take your photographs? What do you do to shoot the frame you thought?

I usually take my photographs with my phone.  The best feature of Instagram is it is mobile. I sometimes wait for hours to catch the moment I want, sometimes it goes out itself. All in all, sometimes we need to have time and effort to get the frame we have in our minds.

How is the photograph-sharing trend in Turkey? What people share, what is loved? What are the differences between the posts from the world and our Country?

Some people share their own moments, but there are so many photography lovers… They generally share places and nature, but I think sunset takes the first place…

Instagram is like a personal exhibition area… Do you think to hold an classical exhibition that we know in the future? Or, will you continue on Instagram? Actually, I want to ask you what do you want to do in this sense and where will you bend it to?

Of course, holding an exhibition is one of my goals, this is only for Golyazi… We have spend our lives so far by learning, and our future goal is to learn the art of photography down to the last detail…

How is Istanbul for photography?

Istanbul is a blessing for a photographer.

Where and what do you love in this city?

I am in love with the historical peninsula, and area of public houses, and also around of Galata and sunset in phosphorus…