Altuğ Galip was born in London. He studied first and high schools in Cyprus and then travelled to Ankara and graduated from METU. Almost 20 years, he worked in private sector; with his words “He still deals with social media stuff.” We tried our best to know him during our interview about photography. Let’s see what does photography mean to him.

What is the definition of a good photograph for you?

Altough good photograps speak for themselves, I belive it’s subjective. Every photograf that exposed good might have quality but it’s different to mean something.[metaslider id=3906]

 Wich filter apps do you use to enhance your Instagram uploads?

I usually prefer Hudson or Valencia.

 What elements should a photograph have to be accepted as a good one?

It must be exposed with the right settings -not too much- and focused  right.

 Do you comprimise yourself for popularity at some points?

Being an Instagramer and a photographer look like the same but they’re completely opposite. An Instagram photo which has a lot of likes, likely to fail at a phography contest and a contest winner photograph might have very little likes. I experienced that myself and for me, I tend to upload more populistic photos on Instagram.

Wich kinds of photos people like generally? Is there any difference between Turkish and foreign Instagram users?

Usually people like the photos of the places that they want to be and make them smile. And they like the photos of the places that they’ve been.

 Do you focus on the works wich have a lot of likes or create experimental works also?

I try both actually but in this place, (Instagram) experimental works don’t get the credit that they deserve.

What distinguishes you from other Instagram users? Taking good photograps or are there some other reasons?

I don’t think I’m a great photographer. Everyday, I try to do experiments to improve myself. My style is a little bit colorful. Some people don’t like it but most of the people know me that way, so I don’t change my style. Besides, I always think positive as a person, I never shared a B&W photo.


In today’s world a lot of new ways to make money has invented and your account has a million followers. Did you make money with it or do you consider?

Well, there are and there were some offers naturally. Because I like travelling, I’m only good with the projects about tourism. I evaluate the offers first and then decide.

Instagram is already like a personal exhibition place. Do you consider opening a proper exhibition? Actually, what do you plan for future? How will this situation evolve?

For now, I don’t have enought time to do such a thing but ofcourse I would like to bring all my works together and exhibit them like everyone else.