Generous Lands; Dubrovnik

Writer: Gökhan Korkmazgil

God really created every one beautiful on these lands. Women are beaufitul, men are also and even the dogs (those famous Dalmatians) are very beautiful.

We arrived indirectly from Zagreb and have tiredness of indirect flights normally. This region developed very much then expected in tourism. There are direct flights from İstanbul. There are no fusty streets in the center of the city like rest of Europe. City was always spacious and ordered like today. Ofcourse there is a much modern life out of the city center but I can gurantiee you that you won’t need it.

On the enterance door of the city there is a statue of Dubrovnik’s Saint Sebasteli Vlas. Saint Vlas blesses who enters to city and sends off who goes out for centuries. According to a rumor, Saint Vlas is one of the fourteen paraclete Armenian saints who lived in Sivas between 280 and 316 AC. He has the name Sebasteli becouse of that. I don’t know the reason but the grave was converted to a mausoleum after the Seljuks and still accepts visitors as Bosphorus Saint.

Crotia was seperated from Yugoslavia in 1991 and it’s face which looks at the Adriatique, Dubrovnik got a lot of damage by Serbian attacs. In Murat the First’s era, Ragusa Republic, which Dubrovnik was adhere to auspiced by Ottomans. In Napoleon Bonaparte era, France took the city and in 1815’s Vienne Congress, 443 years Ottoman tradition has ended.

First, I want to go the Francis Monastery where hosted the world’s first funreal. A very rare building which protected very well. Like everywhere there are some signs of Serbian attacks also. But especially in the last years, becouse of the developing of tourism, city is recovered little bit. Renevations made without ruining the traditional ambience for visitors.

When you walk though shore, you may have the opportunity to see the other entrance doors of the city and topwers. There are many art ateliers inside of various sized shops. Sculptors, jewelry designers, hand craft ateliers. I remember that i spent all my money and said “If something happens to me in here, I can stay,”

There is a lof of seafood because of the seaside location of the city. Calamar, mussel, lobster in stew and various fishes with a great appetizer culture. That comes from their close history with Helenistic culture. And my advice, you should spend a day to explore the surrounding islands. There are little paradises which protected with care and very calmed as everyone’s dreams.

Besides the Old City center, one of the other places to see is Libertas, which is a hotel right know. Before that it was a prison. And then after the restorations it became the region’s best hote. There is a Parisian wind of art in the strees. Pandonim artists, acordeon player childiren with their little dogs near the tip boxes, sculpture ateliers, jewelry and more. But for me the most important art pieces of Dubrownik is their Liqueurs with countless variations. Dubrovnik is also very close to jetset’s new favorite Kotor like a daily trip distance. If you can leave this beauty for a day, you should visit Kotor too. I came here with one luggage and returning with two even if I didn’t bought anything big.  As always…