Merve Morkoç – Continue Production Definition of Success

We talked with Merve Morkoç, who stated that production is a way of thinking for herself and that she is trying to understand the world and by producing herself.

Could you please tell us about yourself so that our readers can get to know you better?
Hi, I’m Merve Morkoç. A series of paintings and sculptures you see in an interview are my works. I continue my production in my atelier in Istanbul.

What kind of pictures do you paint? What is your theme philosophically?
I mainly make pictures that I can describe as figurative. I can say that the biggest elements that shape my style of my street background and academic education. Painting is actually a way of thinking for me to produce anything. I’m trying to understand the world and myself. That’s how I get out of it.

Is painting a thing to learn? Or is talent more prominent?
It is an innate urge to paint and want to paint, but everyone can paint with a certain education and discipline. But there is no obligation to have academic education and ability to express himself by painting.

Is there any inspiration for your paintings or designs? Who are the artists you follow or love their work?
Everything can be inspired by a work of art, a good packaging design, a child doodle, a tag on the street…

How do you like to work in style? Do you have a certain line or do you think you will do different things according to your mood?
Even though I have not paid any attention to this because it is out of my hands, I have been developing the same language for many years. Of course, my mood interferes with what I do. I have been doing sculpture for a while now, and the physical exertion it gives is very good. If I can calm down tomorrow, maybe I can continue with one of the pictures on the sidelines.

How do you define art?
Art has been put into innumerable definitions throughout history, and it is likely that the question whether this is an art or not, will be asked forever. Art is a form of expression. It doesn’t matter how you do it.

What does success mean to you? In which situations do you feel successful?
I have no giant definitions of success. It will be enough success for me to continue to produce in my workshop throughout my life.

If there was no painting, you would want to express yourself in which field, what profession?
Any branch of visual arts can be a production area for me. But if we’re dreaming, I’d like to make music.

And finally, what advice do you give to the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts who want to spend their life painting?
Everyone will say otherwise you do not mind.