“The Most Important Points In Our Design Is Place Setup”

edda mimarlık


Plan and settlement are at the forefront of decoration mistakes. Furniture must be selected according to the size of the place. Wrong selection of place and the color preference ruins the integrity of a place.

Can we know who EdaTahmaz is?

I graduated in 1991 from Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, and Department of Restoration with the second rank in the class. Between the years 1991-1995, I participated in the restoration and application study of several historical monuments. Afterward, I was enrolled at Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts- Faculty of Architecture Department of Interior Architecture with the first rank and graduated as first of the department.

After graduation, I studied at the Industrial Design Department of the University of Illinois between the years 1996-1998 and worked as a designer at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. I returned to Turkey in 1999 and in 2000, we established TE Architecture Company. I have continued to work in the fields of design and application with TE Architecture, of which I was the founding partner, until 2008. Since 2008, I continue my design and application studies in EDDA Architecture, which I am the founder of.

Can you tell us about the establishment process of EDDA Architecture?

I decided to establish my own office after 15 years of work experience. In order to carry all the responsibilities of a project, a good education and sufficient work experience are needed; and therefore, I have established my office at the point when I felt myself ready to carry the burden of business life, in addition, to be successful in the world of design.

You implement many projects in different typologies like housing, office, and bank. How do you define your design philosophy?

Each project is different with its location and purpose; however, the only subject that does not change for us is keeping the function at the forefront, featuring the story inside each place and to express this in the best way possible. The main elements we consider when implementing the place setup are to protect and prioritize the desired function, purpose and emotion within integrity and feature it accordingly.

What do you think about originality in design? What are the “distinctive” features of your designs?

The most important point in our designs isplace setup and the correct analysis of place. In order to achieve this, we work on many different alternatives and designs. We reflect the distinctive design in place on furniture and on our lighting designs.

Tuzla Villas are among your current housing projects … We witness a classic interior design. What are the points we should pay attention to when adapting the classical style to the modern? Can you tell us about the design process of villas?

The project started with designing a traditional Turkish house planned settlement and to create a friendly environment for the crowded family members to live together and as 3 villas with the same design. The houses were planned to include a separate guest floor that would accommodate the guests along with extended family members.

As a plan, the houses were settled in a way to see the middle gallery with a glass dome over all the rooms. This circulation area carries the daylight to the whole staircase thanks to its glass dome. The double-ladder staircase surrounding the circulation area fills the gallery place and the 6-meter chandelier at the dome illuminates this place during the night. In each room, there are bay windows, which reflect the characteristic features of traditional Turkish architecture. These architectural motifs are used within all the rooms and ceiling and wall motifs at the vestibule.

You also have product designs that you design separately for your interior projects. Do you have a goal to be involved in furniture design as EDDA Architecture?

In all the projects we design, we also make furniture and lighting designs within the place design. Furniture design is a field we really like to get involved in, but it is our choice to think of furniture design as integrated with the place design.

What are the mistakes people do when decorating their houses?

Plan and settlement are at the forefront of decoration mistakes. Furniture must be selected according to the size of the place. Wrong selection of place and the color preference ruins the integrity of a place.

Light is an important factor as much as a settlement. Daylight must be taken within the living places. Looking from this perspective, I can say that use of white light is a huge mistake. In the fixtures we use, our choice must always be daylight. Because white light shows all colors within a place different than they are.

What do you think about the understanding of interior architecture in Turkey?

The understanding of interior architecture has developed very much with the improvement in technology and it continues so.

We are now working with a much more careful, interested and conscious customer mass. This leads to much better designs and places, and it constitutes a good environment for us, designers.

What are your thoughts about the education buildings of future?

The buildings of future education are closely related to the green architecture, which is a sustainability concept. Reducing the negative effects of energy, material and place usage on the environment with the accurate management that is, minimizing the energy use in the life cycle of the building is the most indispensable element of sustainable architecture. We observe this sensitivity in a very good way for the design of these education buildings.

Finally, can you tell us about your current projects?

We currently have an ongoing office project in Izmir and an office project in Istanbul at the designing stage.