Elena Schillaci “I Start My Day With A Smile”


We spent a wonderful afternoon drinking tea at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel garden with the lively blogger and communication specialist Elena Schillaci and talked about fashion, style, she gave us some lifestyle tips and dished on some personal details. Describing herself as a dreamer, friend to Earth, a blogger, a mum and an optimist, she told us that even though she is very content with all in life she is not yet living in her dream life but working very hard for it. Explaining that we must constantly dream more and chase those dreams it’s what makes life magical. With a unique way of looking into life, she made tea time more fun than ever, leaving us with our minds open towards new colors in life.

What is the best way to start your day?

Elena: Of course, with a smile.

What are you essentials in your everyday bag?

Elena: Those would be my phone, my coconut lip balm and whichever book I am reading at the moment.


How would you describe your style?

Elena: Very eclectic. I like my clothes to express how I feel or at least how I wish to feel during the day. That is why I choose colors and I also love mixing prints and materials. In this world nothing is constant or monotone, so why should our clothes be like this?

What are the stories behind your posts, why so many colors?

Elena: Too often the everyday life is shades of gray (laughs), so I want at least my virtual life to be rich in colors.


What do you like most about being Italian?

Elena: The constant search of beauty.


What is the best surprise you have ever had?

Elena: A hot air balloon flight. It was wonderful, orchestrated by my lovely husband as a present for me. It was near Milan, with a breathtaking view, also quite romantic. I highly recommend it to any lovebird that wants to surprise their beloved.

What’s it like being a blogger?

Elena: Share, share, share and share everything with your followers.


Why blogging?

Elena: I am a communication specialist so blogging is a natural evolution to my job. Just like in the marketing world, the common ground is the need to communicate, and SHARE everything.

If you could change anything in the fashion industry, what would it be?

Elena: Better perception on beauty.


If you had one question chance with Anna Wintour, what would it be?

Elena: If looking back at it all, would she do it all over again?

How do you fight stereotypes that the marketing world is a man’s world?

Elena: Doing what I do best, working hard but in a fashionable uniform…in my heels (laughs).


Do you believe in destiny?

Elena: I do believe in the existence of one’s destiny, but I also believe that we can partially influence it with our own free will.


If you could rule the world, what rule would you apply?

Elena: I would make it a rule that everyone does at least one act of kindness a day.

What is your advice to young girls everywhere?

Elena: Always believe in yourselves, and know your worth.

Striving to make the virtual life a more colorful place, to spread positive energy and inspire, Elena Schillaci is exactly the type of person you want to talk to on lazy Sundays and also the smiley person you need on Monday mornings in order to make you smile and see the bright side of it all.