I Cannot Contınue Women Non Like It “Yılmaz Kunt”

You will see Yılmaz Kunt yazu, the winner of the 2015 Best Model of Turkey, in one of the ambitious summer series that started this month. Yet even if entering your radar itself, very soon, I can assure that we will say the name of Turkey’s most handsome man in the list. Whether or not Kenan (İmirzalıoğlu), Kıvanç (Tatlıtuğ), Çağatay (Ulusoy), his brothers all entered this contest with our lives … This month, the pages of our pages are very beautiful with Yilmaz, recollect yourself with what they tell…

Let’s hear your story from you.
The turning point of my life; it was the time I wanted to escape college. I think people who love to go to school are rare. Mom is still pressured not to finish college. Normally I live in Ankara and when we came to Istanbul for a family friend’s wedding, I was searching for an escape within myself and my path crossed with my manager Emrah. He asked me if I wanted to reach out on social media, whether I wanted to work together, whether I would join the competition or not. First I passed out, then when I trusted Emrah, I got over my mother’s persuasion stage. I participated in the contest. And everything started to flow in another direction.

Do you have a traditional family?
It’s not traditional, but there are some rules. In my mother’s mind, there are rules you can’t wash. The most important of these is the end of my school. He wanted me to be a proper, orderly life, but it was against me. I went to my mother’s water. If you say such a contest, join, participate, join, said I would not participate. I played the classic child victim. When he saw how eager I was, he said it was okay. Of course, on the condition that I finish my school … In short, coming to the wedding in Istanbul was the turning point of my life. The process started with my participation in the competition, I had a completely different life.

Was it a dream actor?
Actually, to be honest, what really happened in my head was what I was acting. For me, the competition was just an escape, so I wanted to use that escape. I had neither training in acting nor modeling before. But I liked that moment, I took the podium, I took the first place.

I don’t think school is over…
I froze it. Thanks to my mother, she calls 5 times a day and doesn’t know how, but she somehow connects the subject to my schooling. I’m gonna finish it. Actually, I deserve my mother. Having a diploma is important for the place in society.

Are you guaranteed?
Usually yes. I stand in a place where I can’t see you and see. I’ve always been very disciplined and I’ve had rules. For example, for years, in the morning at 07.00 I get up my sport. Even if I’m going to work, I run on the highway, I’m in position, they take me off the road. I would also like to reflect on this guarantee in acting.

Do they think you’re talented?
I wouldn’t know him. For some I am talented, not for some. What I can do well; listen to the person in front of me, I can give him what he wants. My perceptions on this subject are very clear.

Are you a flirtatious man?
I’m not anything at all. I’ve never been raised that way. I have a sister. When people become older sisters, they look at and look at the women outside.

Is it true you were once overweight?
Yeah … That’s when I had a girlfriend at high school 1, we went out for 3 years, then we broke up. Then I looked at myself, I thought, what did you do yourself? I lost 10 pounds before joining the competition. When I was on the podium, I weighed 80 pounds, my height was 1.90. Then they started to say, “gain weight.” Now I’m 85.

Did you know he’s gonna win in the competition?
I really didn’t know. I didn’t leave when my name was first read. My head wasn’t there at the moment. Everyone has a chance and everyone is expecting something. When I was told the second time, I said, yes, that’s me. The next day I couldn’t realize it. When I returned to Istanbul, I understood. When I was first, my mother was crying, but again she had to shake up the school, and I said I was going to finish. I’m so happy that Mom’s hand is still on me. I’m not living a family life.

Do you fall for a family?
I’m thinking, but not now.

What do you call a woman?
What’s important to me is really intelligence. I need to learn something from him that he has to add something to me.

What can you not tolerate in a woman?
I can’t tolerate non-women.

You’re in a time when your age is too young and your foot is cut off, is there a door that you want to open up about your life?
No matter what I do, I have the ambition to be the best at what I do.

How do you spend your everyday life?
Quiet. I’m sitting down, reading my book, listening to my music. I’ve never been a night-time person. I like it more during the day. I like evaluating my day. I just started riding a new horse.

You also have a romantic – comedy guy type …
Yeah, I got a romantic type. I have this kind of situation in my typology, in people out of my competition. Can we break this? Blessed if we break us. I really want to do this. This is what is important to who adds and develops himself. What I add to myself, how far I can go, these are very important.

How do you work with social media?
Unfortunately, there isn’t much, I’m very broken.