My Only Concern Was To Come To Istanbul Sarp Can Köroğlu

Sarp Can Köroğlu has a full crab expression. I saw a man who smiled under a mustache, who actually saw everything but talked if it meant anything to him, even though 40 people said something different, what made him last, who loved people, but who wanted to be loved, well, forced to express his feelings, internal combustion. . Let me tell you the way and leave you alone with the beautiful square and the story of Sarp…

If I wanted you to tell me a little bit, how would you?

Steep, full of crazy. I made my decisions without much thought in my life, went after what I wanted, that was the beginning of my acting. I was originally from Adıyaman, but I studied in Bolu. My only concern in life was to be an actor. I was a very bad student. If there are 150 students, I graduated as 147th. I need to realize my dreams had come to Istanbul in Turkey. It would be in old movies, they used to land at Haydarpaşa with a suitcase, that’s me. I started studying Archeology at Mimar Sinan. Then acting business began to develop. First, I started your namein the series Feriha. The job I stepped in my career is the series of Girls of the Sun.

We finally saw you on the Forbidden Apple Series. Do you continue?

I’m out this season. Squad has been completely renewed.

You said you wanted to be an actress since you were a kid, why did you study archeology?

It was not a very conscious choice. Like I said, I was a very lazy student. He had two departments in Istanbul. I preferred Mimar Sinan Archeology. I still haven’t finished, but things have come up, but I’m gonna finish it. My preference was actually to come to Istanbul completely.

Have you ever worked in archaeological excavations?

Once, while going to Çeşme, I stopped by my friends and shook two brushes. Then go on vacation…

Is your family here?

My mother passed away in 2013. My dad’s a pharmacist, I’m still in Kutahya on the weekends. I also have a sister. He also lives in Tiflis.

What are your plans for acting career goals?

I have no restrictions on that. Roles for years to me; the car, ride, go, parties came in terms of gitsin. But I really want to try different things. I never wanted to get that specific, whatever your preference. Whatever you say about goals, everyone’s dream is to play abroad. Can’t we do something abroad, of course we do, but first we need to learn English. Speaking English abroad is not so easy as it speaks Turkish. I need fluency.

Were you interested in the theater?

No. Theater square. When I have some courage, I’m going to the theater scene. But it won’t happen, it will.

Have you studied acting?

When I first came to Istanbul, I studied at the Academy 35 and a half. We were returning from Russia for a shoot. On the way back from there an actor friend told me; We have a playmate named Merve Taşkan, work with her. I’ve never heard of him. Then I started working with him and my whole perspective on acting changed. Merve Taşkan told me; Tanı Know yourself first, you know what it is, it will come after acting. ” I was very impressed with that promise.

What came out of you when you got to know yourself?

For example, my mother passed away, but I never cried. However, I would consider myself a very emotional person. Merve, one day, memorize a song, this song will work together, he said. I went and said that now you sing this song looking at Merve Taşkan. Then he said, looking at your friend Ali. Now he said, “Tell me, by bringing your mother in front of you.” I cried there for the first time after my mother passed away. I would like to thank Merve Taşkan for their contributions to me. They say you have a planted tree in life, and I want to say what kind of good things I left when I looked back a second before he died. But if I come to that talent and handsome part; they turned me off the street and made me an actress. I think it’s wrong.

It’s a good story to turn them off the street and act.

I was having coffee with my friend and we said let’s go to Rumeli Kavağı for dinner. I was just passing over Bridge 2. Then the person who was my manager called me and said that you have a job, you need to go to the meeting. I said when. He said they’re waiting on the set now. I was 2 minutes away from Ayazağa where the attraction was. I set the name of the director of the Feriha Peace Yöş was, I talked to him. It was Wednesday, we took it on Thursday, it was released Friday. On Saturday, on the street, I was surrounded by something else. I named it Feriha was my first serious job.

Is that what you call an actress?

Well, let’s not lie about that.

Not everyone is very nice and handsome in everyday life. And precisely because of these concerns I do not think that the character players do not come out.

It’s not a problem here, it’s a lot of problems. I have a playful friend. She had so much botox; can’t cry from tension. Wanted to be beautiful and handsome, no lies. This is wanted all over the world. If you’re talented, you can remove every character.

Are you a hard worker?

No, I’m not much.

Do you believe in luck?

Luck is a term used by some verbalists, numerists say coincidence. It may be coincidence but luck is something that has no explanation.

Are you a tough guy?

Yeah, I’m a little tough. Though it depends on whom. It’s hard for my mom, hard for my girlfriend. But I’m very easy to my normal friends, I’m always a good man. I can push around a bit.

What do you think of your new generation, very popular colleagues?

Some think they can’t keep the modesty. But there is demand for such people, and if they do not, they cannot behave that way.

How do you spend your daily life?

I’m going to the gym. I used to play saxophone before, and I still have it in my house. It’s not easy, I stole it for two years. I know all the notes, but it’s one thing to cut a piece. Then my enthusiasm escaped, I quit. I’ve played a scene in I named it Feriha. I play plenty of games. The biggest thing that covers my life is Fenerbahçe. 2 hours of my day, Fenerbahce news, I think watching.

Can we fight if I say to Fenerbahçe?

We need to close this topic … Being from Fenerbahce is something from the family. I won’t pick up my phone when there’s a game, that’s all.

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

I could have been more ambitious on some issues. I can’t go after a job, if it doesn’t, I can’t. I wish I could change that.

How do you like women?

I like dark women, but all my girlfriends were blond. They all coincided. Well, no matter who says what, I care about beauty. I love people who live without a book. I love relaxed people. It makes me happy and excited to live unplanned.

How many years have you come to Istanbul?

This is my 10th year.

How did Istanbul greet you?

One day I watch the news, they ask people who are in traffic. Man, God damn it, Istanbul is expensive, water is expensive, electricity is expensive, I can not go to my house trying to go, when I go to the children is sleeping, he tells. They ask again, “So will you go somewhere else”. “I can’t go anywhere else from Istanbul,” he says. Exactly. When I go out of town or country, I look forward to coming to Istanbul. There can’t be another city that’s so tortured from the bar and that much pleasure.

If you take a 24-hour tour in Istanbul, where do you start and finish?

I would start at Eminönü and finish at Bebek. Of course, always following the coast line.